Friday, February 13, 2009


Its been a while since I've seriously blogged.

ChinUps - 12
SBJ - 239cm
Shuttle Run - 9.0s
Sit Ups - 43
2.4km - 9.18mins

Overall Results - 24 Points
Color of Award - GOLD =)

FINALLY, after waiting and training for so darn long, I've finally gotten back what I've always wanted so badly. And now that I'm physically fit, I've got more determination to maintain my current fitness. Running at least 3 times a week. With one fast 2.2km run (aka chiong all the way) hahaha.. So hopefully I can at least maintain my running fitness. Been doing some swimming too. Fast swims, hopefully I can start on my first Biathlon soon.

Angel and Mortal
Played Angel and Mortal game in hall. Quite an interesting game though. Each person is an angel to someone simultaneously a mortal to someone else. Yeahh so I started the ball rolling by pasting the first note to my mortal on the Love Message Board. hahahahha.. Quite hilarious. It just takes one person to start before everyone else does. So yeahhh, one whole week of communicating with my angel and mortal hahha.. I even stayed back to decor her room with paper cranes even though Im supposed to be studying.. hahaha ok I'll just treat it as rest time hahahaa... So yeahhh was also scruitinizing FB to find out who my angel is... Which I eventually found out purely by luck... Happened to click by accident on a profile which happened to match the description of my angel hahaha.. I even tried confirming it once or twice. Like when I happen to meet her in hall, I tried to assume not knowing her but when she passes me, I would steal glances to see her reaction hahahaha... And yeahh sometimes she actualy giggles and stare back.. so thats how I conclude. Weird but funny way. Went to JP the nite before to buy them gifts. Musical thingy larhh. Dun really know how to describe it.

Vday Flowers for the Girls
Bought flowers for the girls in my HW111A group and Sharon. Nonono.. Not that Sharon is someone special. She's just my SPMS SP. So I thought I bought a stalk for her too. It was giving her the flower that I actually saw her pretty innocent childlike side. Her smile made me feel that making people happy is actually quite a nice feeling. So money well spent I suppose.

Ok its quite late, I shall end here. Gotta mug tmr on VDAY how sad. hahahaha.. Got 2 tests next week what to do? Shit Happens, gotta pull my GPA up, thats my new year resolution so bo pian! hahahaha...


Monday, February 02, 2009


Its a weird thing.

I'm trying to figure it out now though...

Hopefully things work out...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Its over for Hockey Guys =(

Lost to a bad judgement by the referee.

On a lighter note.

PB for 2.2km!

Having still revcovering from a flu, a hockey match, and a tiring day, I managed to run my PB for 2.2km so far! Did 9:04mins. Way better than the previous 9:16mins. I'm sure I can do better to hit my IPPT gold. It seems now that even Commando Gold is possible. But I shan't be too ambitious, infantry gold will do just fine. Just gimme the $400 SAF! My window officially opens on Chinese New Year Day itself. And road relay is like 2 days before. So training up to an IPPT gold should be achievable. Now all I have to do is maintain my training. Do more circuits and train up my SBJ. $400 bucks should be mine.

Haiz hellish day. I just went to Popular at HSS then to Hall 2 to buy lunch then back to hall to have lunch. Now i just realised I need to go NBS again to buy notes. How shitty...

Monday, December 29, 2008


Results are out!

Thank god I passed everything =). All Bs and 1 A. So I'm quite happie. Thought I would get an A+ for organic chemistry since I aced the final paper. But I guess the carelessness during midterms pulled the grade down. But hey I passed! And thats all that matters. The most worrysome subject Maths got a B-. Which I thought I would ta pao it since I had mental block on the day itself. Too stressed out I guess. I think I would have done well if I didnt put too much pressure on myself like what mum and dad said. Maybe I should just relax. Afterall its just a paper. Yes thats what I'll do next sem. Work harder but no stress. Hopefully that works and I would be able to pull the GPA up up and away! Yeahhh finally I've unloaded the heavy stone on my shoulders. Phew. So its work harder for next sem!

Holidays were ok. If not for the Thai protestors, I would have actually flown there for a Christmas celebration with my dads company. And so we settled for a buffet dinner at Shangri La in the end. Then the following week a buffet dinner again at Carousel with my family. And Christmas eve another buffet dinnet at Sakura. Gosh! Its fattening month! hahahaha. But heck. Food to make up the air fare and hotel lodgings=)

And so holidays were filled with sports sports and more sports. Road relay, track and hockey filled my weekdays. And since they occur every alternate days -Monday Wednesday Friday, I've decided to make Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays long runs and swim days. So I've actually sports out my whole holiday. Yeapz. Feeling fitter that before though. But not as fit as before I entered university. So now I can acutally run 2.2km in 9.20mins. Not a bad achievement. I've still got a month to train till my birthday when IPPT window opens yet again. Hopefully by then road relay's training would help me attain my IPPT gold. I so desperately want it back. So now gotta train my core muscles for situps and chin ups. Oh and not to forget SBJ. So push on! Its time to get that 400 bucks!

But my current worry is track. I gave it up in 2005. And yet once again this year I took it up. Why? I dunnoe. I told myself once never to touch track again. It was time to retire. But once again. I took it up. So yes training for track is tough. Hall 8 hasn't made it for track finals for god knows how long. I just hope I can make a difference this year. Hopefully I can get back my SJI days form. That was probably the peak. I got injured during the time trails so I just stride 100m instead of sprint. I would day that was like 70% effort and I clocked 13.2s. So hopefully with that 30% I'll be able to hit a 12 flat? Hopefully. I definitely would wish for a medal and maybe get into IVP and get a place in Hall in year 2? I really do hope for that. But then again. I told myself to quit then but yet...Its weird.

Hockey's been great! I love hockey! Hahaha. I haven touched the hockey stick since SJI days. Dribbling and smacking the ball is just so fun =) Hahahhahaa.. Hall 8 lost to Hall 12 for hockey in the first match. I wondered if I could have helped them since speed was my forte. Hall 12 is fast. Hall 8 doesn't have anyone who can seriously outrun them except me, not to be boastful. But thought maybe if I did voice out, maybe we wouldn't be in the losers pool. But then again. Well on the bright side, we won hall 4. Its quite funny how Vanessa told me to be wary of Hall 4 Number 79. So I took a mental note "79". And I told myself I'm gonna stop that guy and give him one hell of a run on the pitch whoever he is. Then Yiyong came and wished me luck for my match against his team and we chatted for a while. It was really great to see him yet again since SJI days. Then as he turned his back and walked to his team for warm up, "79" appeared on his back and Vanessa looked at me and said "YOU KNOW 79!!!!" hahahahha. It might sound weird, but the scenario that day was hilarious. So 79 was Yiyong the SJI hockey captain. And to think I even made the thought "79=enemy". Damn! hahahahhaa... 79 was actually BROTHER! hahahahha... Zun Chen was also in the team. So yeahhh. It was actually a meeting for SJI boys! My only regret was not taking a photo with them. Oh wells, next match against Hall 12 again. Hopefully we will win and beat the shit out of the cocky all TPJC soccer players Hall 12.

Went back to CDC today. Kept my promise to visit the MSWs during my school hols. Bought them coffee and snacks to keep those hungry girls active lest they sleep during working hours! hahahahah... Yeah Starbucks my treat for them. But too bad some of them were on leave. So I left them snacks. CDC changed. The look of it. The main building has fresh paint coated on it. New mini containers were set up next to 809. Some of the main nurses were one. Sarah left. TBCU has a new MSW. Recept has a new auntie. Personal desk for Joelle. Even some of the patients has left the world. Thats kindof sad. Though some of them were notorious but it is still quite saddening to hear that they have passed on. What made it worse was that some of them passed on not due to HIV but suicide. Life is just so unpredictable. May they rest in peace.

And so the new year is coming. I gotta start thinking of new year resolutions.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Nobody - Wondergirls

I'm hooked onto them!

They are hot!

They can dance!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Bye Bye Baby

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Thats a fact.

Maths was horrible.
CBC 111 even worse.

They know! They know they've got a mugger batch. They know that this batch is bloody hardworking. They know we will do much much much better that the seniors. They know our standards by judging from comments that previous year papers are like secondary school questions. And they damn well know that by giving us average papers, would imply the standard of the lecturers. And so since they know so damn well, they acted first. And so we died. Died of a gruesome death. Died at the hands of the ones we trust most to help us. DISGUSTING.

Now we know. Past year papers DO NOT HELP AT ALL. Never trust your lectures. Act dumb. NEVER EVER POST SMART ALEC questions online. They will only know that we know toooo much.

Its amazing why people set such difficult questions for examinations. Bell curve? Yeah duh? Seperate who? The smart ones from the not so smart ones or the FOREIGN scholars from the not so smart Singaporeans? Hmmm? Oh wells. I didnt think I did well. In fact quite badly. All I'm praying is not to "Da Pau" and not to fail. All C's and I'll be contented. Or rather all passes! Honours is just bull shit at this point of time. Seriously. 2nd lower? Hah! Quite hard. In fact very very hard. Its like so far away. All I want is a degree. Den off I go to work or get a masters first den work. Life is so much easier if you were born with luck. If not. Lan Lan Suck Thumb, you just gotta work your sorry ass off to the world.

Back to mugging biochemistry I guess. I'm sure one thing on everyone's mind is why bother?Study = Fail? Dun Study = Fail? Why bother? Well quite true, but Study = might have chance to pass, so better study.

Life sucks.
And it sucks big time.